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DURA Shuttering Mate

  • DURA Shuttering Mate

    DURA Shuttering Mate is a closed cell, polymer based material used as a shuttering for the curing of concrete . It does not allow the slurry to flow off & helps in curing concrete, giving it better strength

    Features & Benefits

    Closed cell
    - Negligible water / moisture absorption
    - No honey-combing as it does not absorb water from the  concrete slurry
    Cost-effective curing
    - Eliminates use of integral water proofing compounds
    - Enhances life of the shutting plate (number of cycles of
    usage is increased)
    Good surface finish - Gives a plain / foam finish to the concrete thereby eliminating the need of plastering in many places
    Available in roll form - Ensures a wide area of coverage
    Bond breaker between cement and shuttering plate